What we do

Our mission:

North-East Family Office’s mission is to care for the Family and preserve its assets and ethical values for the benefit of future generations. We support the Family and handle all relevant matters efficiently and discretely.

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Our services include:

North-East Family Office is a full service provider for the Family. We assist and advise on charity and investments. Our goal is to deliver long-term asset growth together with a profound focus on capital protection, based on an active investment philosophy with diversification, transparency, alignment of interest and strategic partnerships as key drivers.

  • Counselling

    We counsel, assist and handle all relevant matters on behalf of the Family to help the Family realise its vision and assist current and future generations in living an affluent life in a constructive and personally satisfying manner. Every relation is nurtured and cared for.

  • Investment

    We secure and cultivate the assets that have been entrusted to us. Impeccable business ethics and full transparency are our benchmarks. In a changing world, we deliver long-term asset growth through an active and sincere approach to investment providing safety for the Family and future generations.

  • Charity

    We are active in philanthropic matters, because we take our responsibility for creating value for people and the world around us seriously. We advise on charity and handle all practical and financial aspects of the Family’s charitable engagements.

How we think:

At North-East Family Office, we acknowledge and respect the values that contributed to making Winnie Liljeborg and Per Algot Enevoldsen’s jewellery company a global success. That is why the North-East Family Office team comprises a diverse group of people with different skill sets and experience. And that is why the team is dedicated to assisting the Family and each other with integrity and loyalty. Continuously seeking to make improvements and honing our skills, we strive to make a difference by never compromising on honesty and decency.

  • Embrace the world

    We are global natives driven by respect for other cultures and ways of thinking. We are always on the lookout for new insight and inspiration.

  • Team up

    Partnership is crucial to the way we work. We have always matched different people and different mind-sets to perform better. We build long-term relations by aligning interests. This is how we create value.

  • Think ahead

    We are always a step ahead. Our solutions always take the big picture into account and are sustainable well into the future. Focusing on the future gives us the ability to manoeuvre in the present.