North-East Family Office

Our mission

North-East Family Office’s mission is to care for the family and preserve its assets and ethical values for the benefit of future generations. To fulfil our mission, we have built an international setup with trusted partners in all key markets, enabling us to carry out our services around the clock.

Our services

As full service provider for the family, we take a comprehensive and open-minded approach to the architecture of a family office. Besides the traditional investment-oriented an approach, we have an equal focus on corporate and medical services as well as “softer” areas like personal services and philanthropy. Our success is measured in the well-being of the family and our financial results.

  • Personal Services

    We counsel, assist and handle all relevant matters on behalf of the family. Being able to support the family with high-quality personal services carefully balanced with an equally high level of discretion and loyalty is a cornerstone at North-East Family Office. Whatever the family needs, we are there.

  • Investment

    We secure and cultivate the assets that have been entrusted to us. Our goal is to deliver long-term asset growth together with a profound focus on capital preservation, based on an active investment strategy with diversification, transparency, alignment of interest and strategic partnerships as key drivers.

  • Philanthropy

    We are active in philanthropic matters, because we take our responsibility for creating value for people and the world around us seriously. We advise on charity and donations and handle all practical and financial aspects of the family’s charitable engagements.

Our values are our compass

At North-East Family Office, we acknowledge and respect the values that contributed to making Winnie Liljeborg and Per Algot Enevoldsen’s jewellery company a global success. Inspired by their achievements and ethics, we have created our own set of values. The values guide us in everything we do – from our day-to-day operations to our long-term endeavours, from how we treat each other to how we solve problems regardless of their size and scope.

Our organisation is a living organism that adapts and reacts to the world around us. That is why the North-East Family Office team comprises a diverse group of people with different skill sets and experience, but sharing the dedication to assist the family and each other with integrity and loyalty.

  • Embrace the world

    The world is rapidly changing and evolving. In this context, we are global players with an international mindset and respect for other cultures. The Family’s original inspiration of combining a northern and an eastern way of thinking is reflected in the name and spirit as well as in the activities of the family office. We are present in all relevant markets and are always on the lookout for new insights and inspiration.

  • Team up

    Partnership is crucial to the way we work. We make an effort to align external relations with our culture and core beliefs. As the benefits of co-operation increase over the span of a partnership, co-operation must be based on a shared set of values and be rooted in the principles of transparency, mutual trust and alignment of interest.

  • Think ahead

    Perspective is one of our core values and it is perhaps most vividly manifested in our investment horizon that spans well beyond the current generations. Building the family office and conducting our activities and financial dispositions in this context grants us the privilege to plan and manage without the limitations of a short-term horizon. Our solutions take the big picture into account and are sustainable well into the future.